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Which Agreement Brought Caricom

1. Any Member State in which unrefined cane sugar is produced may apply, subject to paragraph 2 and within the framework of the international commitments to which it is subject, a quantitative restriction within the meaning of Article 87 for the importation into that State of unrefined cane sugar from another part of the Community. 1. When it comes to determining where seafood and derivatives are made, a vessel from a Member State is considered part of that Member State. When determining where goods are shipped, seafood or derivatives are deemed to be shipped offshore from a Member State when they have been transported or obtained by a ship from a Member State and transported directly to the Community. The Treaty of Chaguaramas created the Caribbean Community and the Common Market, later known as CARICOM. Signed on July 7, 1973 in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago. [1] It was signed by Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. It came into force on August 1, 1973. The treaty also created the Caribbean Community, including the Caribbean Internal Market and the Caribbean Economy, which replaced the Caribbean Free Trade Association, which no longer existed on May 1, 1974. A mediation commission may draw the attention of the parties to the dispute to measures that could facilitate the amicable resolution of the dispute. 3. At the time of notification, the Member State determines the circumstances justifying the need for export refund, the products for which they are used, the nature and duration of the proposed measures, and other information that COTED may impose from time to time.

(4) When trade agreements are negotiated with tariff concessions, prior approval of the COTED is required. 3. The Community can also enter into agreements with states and international organisations. 2. This article does not prevent a Member State from taking the necessary measures to avoid circumventing the export duties levied on products destined for export outside the Community, when these products are re-exported through another Member State. Coted, in collaboration with COFAP and COHSOD, establishes a Community investment policy that includes sound national macroeconomic policies, a harmonized system of investment incentives, stable working relationships, appropriate financial institutions and arrangements, legal and social support infrastructure and modernization of the role of the authorities. (f) However, if the investigation reveals that the damage was not caused by dumped imports, as alleged, but that the interim measures have significantly delayed the exports of the Member State in question, ratings, at the request of that State, assess the effects of the interim duties and determine the nature and extent of the compensation that is justified and requires the Member State to withdraw the measure and pay compensation on the basis of its assessment; A Member State that is not involved in a dispute has the power, after providing notification to the parties to the dispute and the Secretary-General, to participate in all hearings and receive written submissions from the parties to the dispute, and may make oral or written submissions to the Court of Arbitration.