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Whatsapp Terms Of Agreement

13.1 Agreements between the parties and these terms and conditions are governed by the material law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the United Nations Convention on International Goods Sales Contracts and Private International Law. WhatsApp`s privacy policy: www.whatsapp.com/legal?eea=1#privacy-policy Last change: 24 April 2018 Access date: 22 May 2018 Access from: Germany Do you live outside the European Union (EU)? “If you do not live in the European region, WhatsApp Inc will provide you with whatsApp in accordance with these terms of use and privacy policy.” We have not created a draw for the policy of non-EU nationals, but we will have it for you very soon! —– place where admissible legal remedies are brought. If you decide not to apply the conciliation agreement, if your dispute is an excluded dispute, or if it turns out that the arbitration agreement is not applicable, you agree to be subject to the “Forum and Place” provisions of the “Dispute Settlement” section. 11.1 Parties are required not to make confidential information available to third parties for a period of two years after the termination of the contract and not to use confidential information for purposes not intended for the purpose of the agreement. All payment information agreed between the parties, (ii) all information relating to the duration of the contract, (iii) all technical information, as well as the know-how made available to the client and (iv) any other information that has been considered confidential by one of the parties or which may be considered confidential on the merits are considered confidential. In the event of a problem, for example, .B one of the parties does not comply with the agreements, the victim must be able to prove that the other party has given consent to the legally binding nature of the electronic contract, either by a recorded oral statement or by an electronic signature. The so-called declaration of will. If the person denies that they wanted to make these agreements, it is not that simple. How can you prove that the other person read the message correctly and that they also accepted these agreements? The so-called blue ticks (confirmation of reading) are not enough. It could not be said with certainty that the message was actually read by the person to whom it was intended.

This only indicates that the message was opened on the recipient`s phone. It has not been shown that the recipient agrees with the content of this message. This is important for the implementation of an agreement to be legally binding.