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Vodafone Broadband Service Level Agreement

All vodafone fiber optic broadband packs are available with free F-Secure SAFE anti-virus software for six months. This covers up to five devices and protects them from threats such as viruses, ransomware and phishing attacks. It also helps protect your children from inappropriate content and can even be used to detect a missing device or delete your data if a phone or tablet is lost or stolen. I think Vodafone UK is campaigning for guaranteed broadband or money. It is the “ultimate broadband guarantee.” Don`t believe it for a minute. ยท Additional services: Rates for additional services may vary from time to time and may be left outside Vodafone`s control, so you will need to check the latest prices on our website and price guide. One thing you don`t mention here, but I think it might be useful for people is to mention the quoted download speeds, which are important if you download things like routine YouTube video or large files in the synchro cloud. VodafoneS Full Fibre Network should offer you symmetrical speeds, so if you have a 100mb connection, you need to get an average download of 100 Mbps and an average download speed of 100 Mbps. Unfortunately, although Virgin offers download speeds of 350 Mbps, they reduce their downloads to a maximum of 21 Mbps (at 6 Mbps on the slowest 100Mbps). This could be important for people like me, who are very dependent on live streaming of their home and regular posting and often large video files for editing and publishing. Until now, I had no problems with Vodafone and had been a customer for years with mobile and, more recently, with the Full-Fibre service. The announced speeds have been delivered – although I use a separate mesh system router for my WLAN connected to Vodafone`s hub via an Ethernet port.

I found that it worked much better, and was similar when I was on Sky too: I used to get sky unlimited promising speeds of up to 70Mp. but the Sky router would only allow about 35mbps via WiFi. But connected to my own router, I was easily (and consistent) still full 70Mps (and often up to 80mbps)! I use Netgear`s Orbi system and I would never go back! 18-month Ultimate Speed Guarantee contracts – up to 15% off your bill, If your broadband speed is included in a minimum wi-fi application Vodafone Broadband mobile Hub specified Vodafone Broadband mobile to control your Internet Six months free trial of the Internet protection software F-Secure SAFE Internet Protection Software Internet Business Assistance broadband customer is provided by default on Essentials Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 packages, with call centers open between 8:21 a.m. 365 days a year. 3.5. Installation offers. If you leave your Vodafone home phone and broadband services before your minimum delay expires, the early termination fee will be charged. If you have an installation offer and your installation is free or if you pay a discounted price compared to our standard installation price, we can charge you the difference between the lowest price you paid (if any) and the standard installation price. These fees are included in your early termination fees (and reflect the installation costs we incurred). Note that our default installation costs vary depending on the broadband service chosen.