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United States Paris Agreement Plan

Many of the major auto companies and airlines had already invested billions in emissions reductions and are unlikely to change course. General Motors, the largest automaker in the United States, immediately stated, “Our position on climate change has not changed… We are publicly committed to climate protection,” reaffirming our support for various climate commitments. Analyst Rebecca Lindland also pointed out that automakers did not have any specific restrictions under the agreement and that nothing had changed. Even if Trump relaxed other restrictions on the auto industry, allowing the production of less polluting cars, these cars still had to meet the standards before being exported to other continents, or even some states. Jason Bordoff, an energy policy expert at Columbia University, agreed that a withdrawal would make no difference to the economy and argued that it would be determined by market conditions such as oil prices and gas prices. At the same time, airlines have spent billions to find more fuel-efficient flight options – fuel is a company`s second-biggest effort after work, and therefore using less fuel (meaning less emissions) is in their financial interest. [50] Kabir Nanda and Varad Pande, senior consultant and partner at Dahlberg, argued that despite the U.S. withdrawal, the U.S. private sector continues to engage in renewable energy and technology.

It is also remarkable that solar energy has become cheaper than coal in more and more countries. [51] “The UE-Green agreement and the carbon neutrality commitments of China, Japan and South Korea demonstrate the inevitability of our collective transition from fossil fuels,” said Laurence Tubiana, one of the architects of the Paris Agreement and now Director General of the European Climate Foundation. No country was able to denounce the withdrawal of the agreement before the expiry of a three-year period from the date of ratification. There are also serious legal and constitutional issues. Foreign heads of state and government in Europe, Asia and around the world should have no more to say about the United States.